Webinar Workshop

How do you achieve a culture of belonging and diversity?

Companies know that diversity in the workplace is important. But just knowing this isn’t enough, and the right tools are needed to build inclusive, diverse workplaces. To drive true change and enable great culture, we need to be doing more than just looking over reports and numbers on representation.

How can the data you have be turned into actionable, positive change? How can you tune into your communities to integrate belonging and inclusion into your company culture?

Les orateurs


20 May 2021, from 11:03–11:58

You will learn new methods to integrate interaction in your own online sessions and leave with lots of insights on belonging and diversity.

You’re more than welcome to join a few minutes early to say hello before the event begins.

During the session we will:

  • Introduce the strategies and tools you need to create change within your organisation
  • Share best practices and practical insights from our own diversity journey, as well as from our customers
  • Use interactive exercises to further explore diversity and belonging

Our moderator for this session is Cyriel Kortleven, who has delivered TED talks on the change mindset and has written five books on the topic. He’s well known for his engaging, unique and inspirational approach, so we encourage you to turn your camera on, jump in with both feet and actively participate in the Webinar Workshop.

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