Digital Transformation

Unlocking your productive potential

An interactive session with Personio & Lepaya

Let’s discuss the Impact of Digital Transformation on HR and how you can Unlock your Productive Potential. We believe People are the single biggest influencer on the success of any business. So what we should focus on are exactly these People. And that is why the role of HR managers is so crucial - they are the core of the people in your organization. They recruit employees, develop them professionally, and even make sure that every employee receives their salary at the end of the month.



Welcome + intro
Lepaya productivity focus:
• What is the core of being productive & effective?
• Is digitalization a curse or a blessing for productivity?
• What were the issues to be solved, challenges faced in HR?
How were the issues solved from Personio’s perspective?
Key takeaways


We believe that it's not about "how HR can work even more”. It's about "how HR can be supported more" to unlock its full productive potential and have time for what matters most - the People. Together with Lepaya, we want to discover the ways of how - not only HR but any employee - can be more effective and thereby lead a happier life. Because in this fast changing world you need to unlock your own potential to stay a step ahead in life and business.

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